Aromas Artesanales De Antigua Floral Mini Soap Set (3 x 75g)

  • Inspired by the scents of Antigua, Guatemala, this triple-milled soap selection provides a soap bar that is long-lasting and wonderfully scented
  • Triple milling creates a harder soap, so that your bar won’t fall apart easily and it will keep its shape much longer
  • Triple milling also helps the fragrance to be evenly spread throughout the soap, meaning you can enjoy the scent right until the very end of the bar
  • AAA 200g soap bars are rich in nourishing Shea Butter
  • Aromas Artesanales de Antigua or as we call it 'triple-A' (AAA), offers luxury bath and body products at extremely reasonable prices. Although the range has evolved over the years, the original inspiration came from the gorgeous flora and fauna found in Antigua, Guatemala