Cedarwood Hanging Blocks


These lovely aromatic cedarwood hanging blocks are a new addition to anti-moth collection. There are six cedarwood hanging blocks packed in tissue in an attractive box, so they would make a lovely gift too! Even if you don’t have moths, they will leave the wardrobe with an uplifting, spicy, fresh fragrance.

How do cedar hanging blocks work?

Cedarwood is widely known for its wonderful aroma and insect-repelling quality. The oil inside the wood emits an earthy, forest fresh fragrance which the female moth does not like. You can put these cedarwood hanging blocks into your wardrobe and be sure that she will not come and lay her eggs in there.

How long do they last for?

Refresh the cedarwood hanging blocks every three months. The wood can be sandpapered to revive the fragrance and bring the oil to the surface but a much easier way is to re-oil the wood, as you would a piece of furniture. Cedarwood essential oil  is the perfect partner for the cedarwood hanging blocks. The female moth hates a strong smell so make sure you regularly refresh the cedarwood hanging blocks with the cedarwood essential oils.

Instructions for use

Place the cedarwood hanging blocks in your wardrobe on your rail, every 50cms. The aroma will then be able to circulate around your hanging items, emitting a strong, forest fresh and uplifting fragrance that will not only delight you, but keep moths away! Beautifully packaged in a presentation box, cedar hanging blocks come in a pack of six. These perfect packages of fragrance heaven are great to give to someone special as a lovely gift, especially when partnered with the cedarwood essential oil.

The perfect partner

Cedarwood hanging blocks would not be complete without natural anti-moth essential oil cedarwood blend. The cedarwood blocks can be refreshed regularly with the cedarwood essential oil and will keep your wardrobe smelling wonderfully aromatic. Every time you open your wardrobe, it will fill you with joy, but will also do a marvellous job in keeping the moths out.

Cedar hanging blocks can be used alongside with other anti-moth products as part of an integrated anti-moth solution.


6 cedarwood blocks in box.

Length including hanger 24cm, width 5cm, depth 1cm.