Chilly's Emma Bridgewater Bumblebees Set - 500ml Bottle and 340ml Coffee Cup


Chilly's have teamed up with the iconic British pottery brand, Emma Bridgewater to bring you these stylish designs in a lovely gift box. Included in this lovely gift box is the original 500ml bottle and matching 340ml cup.

The amazing best-selling Chilly’s bottles keeps ice-cold drinks for up to 24 hours, regardless of the outside temperature. ( I have left mine in a hot car overnight and the water was still cold the next day!)

Their advanced double-walled vacuum insulation makes warm water a thing of the past. Keep your tea or coffee hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for those winter walks and cold morning commutes.

The airtight screw top lid prevents soaked bags and accidental spills. The vacuum insulation means your Chilly's Bottle will remain condensation free.

Chilly's Bottles are constructed from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel, for both the inside and outside walls. This preserves the flavour and freshness of your drink, without any tainting. Chilly's mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products, through creating products for an active urban lifestyle, with the perfect balance of distinctive style and unrivalled performance.  The perfect alternative to plastic bottles!


26 x 7cm

the 340ml coffee cup uses Chilly's advanced double-walled technology which allows you to keep your drink hot without having to worry about burning your hands. Like their bottles, all Chilly's Coffee Cups are made from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel that preserves the flavour and freshness of your drink, without any tainting.

For the best results, we recommend first filling it with hot water to heat the inside, then emptying it out before filling your cup with a hot drink. Please note that your drink will only stay hot relative to the temperature of the drink when it was first poured in.

Keeps drinks warm for up to 3 hours

Capacity: 0.34L / 12oz

Dimensions: 13cm x 7cm (base) x 9cm (lid)

Material: High Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Design:: Emma Bridgewater Bumblebees

Microwave safe: NO

Dishwasher safe: NO