Chrysanthemum Moth Spray 250ml


An environmentally friendly solution to fight moths in your home. This moth spray is fresh, fragrant and a highly effective natural alternative to chemical insecticides. It can be used to treat furniture, the inside of wardrobes or entire rooms.

The Chrysanthemum formula is a natural insecticide unique to Total Wardrobe Care. A potent mix of natural pyrethrum combined with Total Wardrobe Care’s signature anti-moth essential oil blend which consists of May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, clove and thyme.

This chrysanthemum extract is sustainably sourced from independent farms in Kenya and our signature essential oil blend is sourced from the New Forest.  This product contains no artificial ingredients no organo-chlorine pesticides, no synthetic materials, and no harmful synergists such as PBOs (piperonyl butoxide) commonly used in other insecticides.


How does the moth spray kill moths?

The active ingredient ‘natural pyrethrum’ is extracted from the flowerhead of certain Chrysanthemums such as Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium. Natural pyrethrum has an insecticidal effect and kills insects on contact. When pyrethrum comes into contact with the insect, it penetrates the insect’s body surface and kills it. Chrysanthemum moth spray works on contact with adult moths, larvae and eggs.


When to use Chrysanthemum Spray

The Chrysanthemum spray can be used at any time of year to treat individual items of furniture, the inside of wardrobes or entire rooms. It is an excellent product to use as a first response to a heavy clothes moth infestation. Signs of a heavy clothes moth infestation include considerable visible damage to clothing in wardrobes and soft furnishings caused by clothes moth larvae, the sight of adult moths flying around the room, or the sticky board of a moth box becoming completely full with adult moths within one to two weeks of its deployment.


Instructions for use

Wear a mask as although the active ingredient is naturally derived, it is still potent.

Close windows and doors and draw any curtains, spray around the walls, cracks, under furniture, on carpets, behind curtains and in the base of the wardrobe.

Leave for four hours, any insect will be killed on contact with the spray within a few seconds. The spray will carry on working during this time period.

After four hours, open all doors and windows. Pyrethrum is highly photosensitive and is broken down rapidly by light and air so any remaining spray will evaporate.

After a further four hours, the room will then be safe for use.

If treating the inside of a wardrobe, empty the wardrobe first and wash or dry clean clothes before putting them back. Store precious and out of seasons garments in breathable moth proof storage bags.

If treating a piece of furniture, follow the instructions above to ensure that item undergoes the full treatment. For example, if you are only treating a footstool, put it in a room with doors, windows and curtains closed.