Egos Fair Trade Felted Slippers - Black

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By Egos

Luxurious and so comfortable, these Danish designed slippers are temperature regulating, breathable and Fair Trade Certified. They will mould to the shape of your foot once they have been worn a couple of times.


Inspired by classic Danish design traditions these slippers are manufactured with simplicity and functionality in Nepal. 

Because they are made from wool they have an amazing capacity to insulate while remaining breathable.  In Summer your feet will stay cool but they will be kept snug and warm in Winter.  The natural lanolin in the wool also makes them resistant to dust, dirt and odour.


Our Egos Slippers are available in a range of colours to suit everyone - please look at our other listings.


Egos Copenhagen are certified by the World Fair Trade Association - all their workers are paid a fair wage and, as well as employing Nepalese artisans, they also provide financial support to local orphanages as well as being involved in various development projects in Nepal.

The raw wool comes from New Zealand and is then felted in Nepal to make these gorgeous designs. Making these slippers takes skill and time - one artisan can make two pairs a day.