Hanging Sachets- Cedarwood Blend (Pack of 5)


These hanging sachets are made with a  new mix of cedarwood, lemon grass, may chang, fir, thyme, rosemary and clove bud make up our signature cedarwood blend. Each one is chosen for their special properties that help to keep your wardrobes and soft furnishings fresh and moth free.


Female moths are looking for somewhere dark and undisturbed to lay their eggs and when they hatch it’s the larvae that eat the protein in the fibres of your clothes and soft furnishings and make the holes. The female moth hates a strong smell and so avoids highly scented, light and clean areas.


Handmade in the New Forest, England

The hanging sachet is made using a stone powder as a base and the essential oil blend is mixed into the powder, this makes it last at least 6 months and gives off a natural pleasing woody and citrusy fragrance to your wardrobe.


Place 1 every 50 cms, so an average wardrobe would have 3 sachets and don’t forget to replace every 6 months. The key to a moth free wardrobe is cleanliness and consistency.



Each hanging sachet: 22 x 8cm.


Hang on your rail, every 50cm.