Jioni: Colour Block Woven Basket


Dreamy dusky pink and natural colour blocking make these pretty storage baskets the ideal addition to any dressing table, bathroom or nursery. Jioni woven baskets are also ideal planters and flower pots.

Please note that, due to the handmade nature of this product, every basket is slightly different

We chose to stock these products from The Basket Room because they are a wonderful Fair Trade and ethical company who work with small craft collectives in Africa, supporting communities where these precious crafts of weaving, dyeing, and grass rolling have been passed down through the generations in a continuous thread from mother to daughter. 

When the cost of brand new clothing or homeware seems too good to be true it is usually because of poor pay, inhumane or even dangerous working conditions, exploitation and indignity.  The Basket Room's co-operative model ,that their weavers operate within, is democratically run.  The weavers take on as much or as little work as they need.  The majority of basket weaving is done during the dry seasons when work becomes scarce and prices are agreed with each weaving group before any order is confirmed .  Weaving is a sociable and flexible means of earning money and can be taken home, flexed around childcare or put to one side when need be. 

That connection between maker and buyer is a way to make all of us question who makes our clothes and home accessories and only buy from brands who truly care.