Kuteleza Woven Storage Basket -Grey Cloud


Our soft grey and natural KUTELEZA collection of natural woven baskets evoke images of blustery clouds streaking a breezy Kenyan sky, and come in three different sizes. Hand woven from sisal grass by a member of one of four rural women's weaving cooperatives in South Western Kenya, the smaller baskets make beautiful planters and flower pots whilst the larger sizes become stylish storage baskets for toys, jewellery, desk stationery and bathroom products.

The craftswomen in this group of cooperatives are extremely skilled at weaving repeat patterns, using their tape measures to produce our set sizes and meeting weekly with their managers to arrange work, deliver completed orders and pick up wages. Sisal grass is purchased ready rolled when orders come in, and is hand-dyed in large vats using natural charcoal to achieve the chalky-soft grey hue. A traditional twining method is used to produce this range of baskets: a complex weave which uses two elements woven skilfully around a central spoke.

The weavers are primarily subsistence farmers, so weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons. To purchase one of our woven baskets is to become a part of our story -  a journey of sustainability and ethics, empowering women to support their families with flexible, fairly paid work. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made your basket

Material: Sisal. L:  33cm DIA x 33cm H.