Leather Ladies Apron - Pink/Grey


The WITLOFT aprons are  handcrafted from the highest quality leather. 

The canvas around the neckstrap ensures comfort. There are beautiful stitched leather details. The apron comes in one size, but is easily fitted due to to the adjustable waist and neckstrap. There is a useful Tea Towel loop to hold your tea towel or towel.


100% cowleather.

W 60cm x H 83cm


Witloft developed a special and unique coating which protects the leather against stains, dirt and even the worst scratches. It also makes food or dirt easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. The coating makes the leather a bit stiff in the beginning, but will quickly soften with use. The Witloft apron is made to last and will take on its own unique characteristics over time. The aprons are good for use in a heated environment such as BBQ or grill and will protect you.