Marquise Stud Earrings - Blue Topaz



 Elegant, elliptical gemstone stud earrings!   This unusual gemstone shape adds an eye-catching variation to a simple stud earring.  These earrings are set with blue topaz. Blue topaz promotes harmony and relaxation and is the symbolic birthstone for December.  It is also the chosen stone for the 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries.

The marquise cut is also known as the boat-shaped cut, the eye-shaped cut, or the navette.   A marquise cut gemstone has an elliptical shape with pointed ends.

Materials: the earrings are made of gold plated sterling silver and are set with blue topaz.

Details: the earrings have a post and butterfly fixture.  The gemstone is faceted and 5 x 8 mm in dimension.

Pomegranate jewellery is designed by Kate and each piece is handcrafted in Jaipur, India - the Pink City. The long-established trade with their workshops in India ensure an ethical supply chain and trusted sources of gemstones. Their Jaipur family have centuries of expertise between them and Pomegranate support the craftspeople that maintain these ancient traditions of gemstone jewellery making and helping to ensure that these traditions are preserved and cherished.  They work face to face with their workshops and therefore know their supply chain well and ensure responsible work practices throughout.