Maxi Linen Dress - Black

£44.70 £149.00

This stunning Ottod'Ame sleeveless dress is made of heavy linen.  It is maxi length and has a flattering V neck.and is fully lined.  This is a very stylish, classic linen dress jwith a lovely weight to it.  So Italian, and so timeless.!  You will wear it for years.



Otto d'ame is the luxury Italian brand that all women adore.

“I don't like to design in a specific style. I have this idea of the 'perfect wardrobe'; it must have some pieces that a woman can wear many times over her life. I want to provide the essentials of this wardrobe. My biggest satisfaction is to see my customers still wearing my previous collections. I'm not keen on being just a trend, I'd rather create clothes that make people comfortable in their own style, forever” says the brand's co-owner and designer, Silvia Mazzoli.