Moth Box


This effective moth box trap attracts the male moths onto the female pheromone-impregnated adhesive strip, which traps and kills moths. It is a completely non-poisonous alternative to chemical insect control and can be used in your rooms all year round. It’s simple: if there are no adult male moths to impregnate the female moths, that means no  moth eggs can be laid. This needs to be achieved as it is the clothes moth larvae that hatch from the eggs which cause the wardrobe destruction that we all want to avoid, not the adult moths themselves.

The moth box trap is easy to use and is very effective. Simply place the box somewhere undisturbed, outside the wardrobe – on a shelf, under the bed or under a chest of drawers.

The number of moths caught in the moth box trap will determine the intensity of your moth problem. If the moth trap fills up after catching lots of moths within 1-2 weeks, it is important to clean out the entirety of your wardrobe to ensure your moth infestation has completely dissipated. It is crucial to clean and control all the places where a clothes moth is likely to hide and pupate. Clean inside cracks in walls, behind furniture, shake out textiles and beat carpets regularly for best moth control results. For the most effective pest control, you can use multiple moth treatments simultaneously, such as the Total Wardrobe Care natural moth spray which will kill all eggs, moths and larvae.

If you are catching 1-2 moths per week you are unlikely to have an infestation problem.

Once opened, the moth pheromone traps are effective for 12 weeks. Moth box trap refills are available in packs of two.