Natural Anti- Moth Linen Spray - Cedarwood Blend


Total Wardrobe Care’s brand new fresh and fragrant cedarwood linen spray has been hand blended and handmade in the New Forest by our expert Aromatherapy consultant.


Essentially natural

Made from natural sources with no artificial fragrance, colours or parabens, the cedarwood linen spray is a careful blend of natural ingredients hand blended in natural plant alcohol and spring water and includes red and atlas cedar, the uplifting fragrances of fir, lemongrass and may chang, rosemary, thyme and clove bud.


How to use the natural anti-moth linen spray

Shake the bottle well and spray lightly around the inside, top and bottom of your wardrobe, under furniture, behind curtains, rugs and wall hangings. Use once a week in the moth breeding season between May and October. Avoid spraying directly onto your clothing as the fragrance may compete with your perfume.


100ml pump action bottle