Non Woven Garment Storage Bag - Large


Storing clothes the right way makes a world of difference. Instead of putting your out-of-season garments at the back of the wardrobe where they can gather dust and are vulnerable to moths, why not invest in these breathable, non-woven covers? They’re specially designed to keep moths and dust well away from your precious clothes.


Ideal storage for long coats and dresses

The long garment covers are 157cm in length, making them ideal for long dresses and coats . Each one features a clear, square window (7.5″) to allow you to see what’s inside. The covers have a Velcro fastening around the neck of the hanger and a clear pocket for our pretty description cards. 


The important details

Clear window gives a view of bag contents

Fits up to two garments

Ideal for short and longer-term storage


157 x 60cm