Rathbornes Reed Diffuser - Dublin Dawn


Irish rock rose, davana and fresh raspberries linger sweetly upon a crisp morning breeze, tempered by a warm, earthy base of cedar, musk and patchouli. The essence of Irish countryside at dawn.

Rathbornes luxury 200ml reed diffusers are carefully hand crafted to distribute the fragrances in a continual diffusion of scent, these beautifully designed diffusers will work their understated charm and establish a wonderfully all-encompassing ambiance of Irish inspired fragrance in your home. 

Founded in Dublin in 1488, Rathbornes is the world's oldest candle company. Rathbornes have been refining their candles throughout history, and taking the best from centuries of experience. This included developing new formulations of wax, moving from animal tallow to develop a special blend of beeswax and stearin during the industrial revolution. This technical innovation gave a cleaner, slower-burning candle for everyone to enjoy, while remaining loyal to their traditional methods of craftsmanship, still hand-pouring their candles today.