Umberto Vase 14cm


Expert craftsmanship is required to mouth blow and shape this vase by hand using wooden tools, creating its fluid, organic silhouette. Use as a vase, plant a mini cactus or use as a display container for pencils and paintbrushes.


Mouth blown and hand finished glass

Each piece is unique

Inspired by apothecary jars

Height: 14cm, Width: 9cm

Due to its handmade nature, the size of this item may vary slightly.


Mouth blown by master glassblowers into wooden pre-moulds, and scissor cut and shaped by the master craftsman to create an organic vessel. Scissor cutting is the most skilled of finishing techniques. The top edge of the glass is re-heated until it is semi-molten and then the worker will cut away the excess glass around the rim, leaving a thick, rounded, soft looking finish to the glass. Each vase is unique in shape.