Woven Diamond Rug - Green

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These amazing Hug Rug Woven Diamond Rugs are as soft as wool underfoot but they are in fact made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! Great to use all around your home or why not take them  outside on those warm summer days. 

The fact that they are made from recycled plastic means there are so many other advantages:  

They are stain resistant (any spills or marks wipe or wash away easily) so great in a kitchen

They are mildew, mould rand moth resistant

They are resistant to dust mites  so are perfect for allergy sufferers

They can be used indoors or outdoors

They are UV stable so the colours won't fade - perfect for a conservatory or sun room

They are fully recyclable again at the end of their  life

They are easy to wash (at 30 degrees) and quick to dry


Planet friendly - yet so practical…